Best Places to Take a Date in London: A Food and Drink Primer

 If you're looking for the best places to take a date in London, then look no further! Whether it's a traditional meal or something more fun like bowling, there are plenty of options. We've compiled a list of all the different types of dates that can be had and where they should be taken so make sure to check out our blog post!

Types of Dates:

  • Dinner date
  • Bowling date
  • Drinks at a bar or pub night out on the town.
  • Movies and watching television together in an apartment (Netflix and chill)

Other ideas for dates are going to see live music, getting ice cream, taking a stroll around your neighborhood/city park. Maybe even just staying in and playing board games like monopoly! It all depends on what you both want to do that day but don't be afraid to try new things :) The best part about having more than one type of date is that it will keep you two engaged with different activities which also means less time spent worrying if this person likes these types of fun too so.

A perfect dinner date is a craft. cocktails followed by a three-course prix fixe menu at one of the top restaurants in London. Opt for somewhere like Hawksmoor, where you can expect to pay £60 per person (with drinks) and then choose from dishes such as steak with bone marrow butter or cod loin with curry sauce and morels.

All makes for a perfect date.

A bowling date can be a lot of fun! And is a perfect way to get to know each over. For some, this may be a little too low-key. A more traditional date could also work well -- if the other person is into it!

It's never been easier to find somewhere great to take someone on an evening out in London. There are lots of restaurants and bars with amazing food or drinks that will make for a successful night

Netflix and chill has a become popular especially in recent years. As staying in is the new going out right? Well, maybe not. In fact I think it's about time we all went somewhere new and exciting for our next date night or perhaps even a first date! Here are some fun suggestions of places to go with your special someone in London.


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